Publication Roadmap: From Proposal Draft to Finished Copies

What steps are involved in the publication process?

If you would like to offer your book or journal for publication through ibidem, the process starts with the filling in of our proposal guidelines. Once submitted all book proposals are assessed by one of our editors. Should we think that your proposed book or journal could be a good fit for ibidem, we will commission a round of external peer reviews. Depending on the outcome of the reviews, we may ask for a final version of the book proposal to be prepared, incorporating the reviewers' suggestions.

The final proposal is then taken to the editorial board's bi-weekly meetings. If approved we will then send the author/editor a formal publication offer and a contract draft, which, all being well, needs to be signed and sent back to us. Your book will then receive an isbn and be ready for pre-order immediately.

After submission of the final manuscript, we create a fully layouted proof, a cover design, and a marketing blurb as well as other PR material in close collaboration with the author/editor. The book then goes into production, during which time we start marketing your book to bookshops, libraries, and wholesalers.

As soon as the first copies are printed, you receive your free author copies and instructions on how to register with the VG Wort, Germany's copyright licensing agency, which pays every book author a certain fixed royalty sum.

This is also the time when we get in touch with potential reviewers and relevant media outlets to inform them about your book and request coverage.

Do I have any input on the cover design?

It is important to us that you can fully identify with your publication. This is why we create our book covers in accordance with our authors' wishes and ideas. We welcome suggestions with regards to color scheme, font and style and can include photographs and illustrations of your choice in the final design.

How quick is the production process?

After the final version of your manuscript is approved, the production of paperback editions can take as little as four to six weeks; hardcover editions need eight to ten weeks. If desired we can send pre-publication author copies in a matter of days, and we gladly facilitate the sending of press-proofs with special features like additional PR material. We keep to promised deadlines as a matter of principle and guarantee delivery of your book to any specific date you require.

What distribution channels does ibidem provide?

Our books are inventoried at the biggest European wholesalers such as KNV, Libri, and Umbreit and are thus normally available in every bookshop within one day. Your book is listed on amazon and other online bookstores and, of course, our own online shop. In North America we are represented by Columbia University Press, which guarantees the widest possible reach in the USA, Canada, and other territories.

What marketing and PR activities does ibidem offer?

We source valuable reviews of your books by sending review copies to suitable academic journals, general media, and specialty online outlets, always liaising with our authors for best results. Bookshops and libraries are regularly being informed of our new titles via newsletters, subject catalogs, and leaflets. We create individual promotional flyers for conferences, lectures, and trade fairs. Of course, your book will be listed in all our seasonal catalogs and promoted via our website.

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